Taxman Beating Down Your Door? Part 2…

Almost a year ago, we posted Taxman Beating Down Your Door? Maybe Not… Many of our clients have received such calls and contacted us with their concerns, so it seems like a good idea to reiterate:

Scammers can be very clever and sometimes may somehow be able to obtain accurate information about you in order to make themselves sound legitimate. However convincing the caller may be, should you receive a phone call from someone purporting to be from CRA, always telephone CRA back at one of their verified phone numbers ( and speak to an agent to confirm if the caller and their request/ demand is legitimate before you give out any personal or financial information or make any payments (or fill out forms for any refunds!). You can also review your CRA account online, or, if you are not registered, contact us to check it for you.

For more information, including examples of fraudulent telephone calls, letters, emails, text messages and online refund forms, see CRA’s fraud information web page

P.S. Also good to note: CRA does not and never will accept payment in iTunes cards!