Filing Slips With CRA: New Electronic Requirements

The following types of information returns must be filed by Internet if more than 50 information returns of that type are required to be filed for a calendar year: T1204, NR4, T5007, T4A(P), T5018, T4E, AGR-1, T4A-NR, T4RIF, T5, T4A(OAS), T5013, T4A, T4, T4RSP, T5008, T3, along with several non-numbered Forms such as the RRSP Contribution Information Return.

Penalties for not electronically filing the forms are as follows:

  • 51 to 250 $250
  • 251 to 500 $500
  • 501 to 2,500 $1,500
  • 2,501 or more $2,500


Submit these forms online to avoid penalties. If this is the first time you are submitting these forms, contact us to determine whether any should have been filed for past years and whether a voluntary disclosure should be made.